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‘One Direction’ feature in Louis Tomlinson’s brand new music video

The band parted ways in 2016


It appears as though One Direction feature in Louis Tomlinson’s music video for his brand new track Walls.

However, that is not exactly the case.

The former One Direction star features four other men to recreate a silhouette of the boyband he rose to fame in.

Louis can be seen on stage in the right centre of four other men who resemble Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Niall Horan.

The band split in 2016 after a swift rise to fame on the reality talent show the X-Factor.

Zayn Malik departed the band in 2015 leaving the boys as a four-piece.

The song features the lyrics “So this one is a thank you for what you did to me. Why is it that thank-yous are so often bittersweet?
I just hope I see you one day.”

He goes on to singĀ “But these high walls, they came up short, Now I stand taller than them all,” in the chorus presumably referencing his former bandmates as look-alikes feature in the new video.

It comes after reports that Zayn and Louis had a falling out after he split from his band mates.

In 2018, Louis slammed Zayn for “dissing” the band in his song Good Years.

He also recently called Zayn out for not showing up to his X Factor performance in 2016 which took place just days after his mother’s death.

Liam Payne recently admitted that a reunion was on the cards, meanwhile Harry Styles has said he has ‘absolutely no desire’ to reunite the band.