Niall Horan and Shawn Mendes working together ‘very soon’


Niall Horan and Shawn Mendes are set to work together “very soon”.

The 1D star and American hit-maker have previously admitted that they would love to collaborate – but now, it looks like it’s set to happen sooner than we thought.

“I’ll definitely be working with Niall very soon,” Shawn told The Daily Star.

“I got a chance to speak to him recently and we are definitely going to write together.

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The Stitches singer also admitted that while he wants to work on stuff for his own album, they’ll also work on Niall’s next record – after it was revealed that the 22-year-old is set to announce a solo deal soon.

“We are going into the studio as soon as we can get our diaries together and see what we come up with. I would love to do something for my next record as well as his – we will have to wait and see,” he said.

While Niall is definitely Shawn’s favourite out of the 1D lads, the 18-year-old admitted that he would love to work with the whole band – if they ever get back together, that is.

“I’d also be up for working with them as well. I think they are all great. I just know Niall better and we have become closer than I have with the others,” he added.