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Niall Horan secretly visits Barack Obama in midnight hotel escape



One Direction star Niall Horan dodged fans to secretly visit the White House this week.

The Mullingar singer went on a midnight trip to see his hero Barack Obama’s home while in Washington DC.

He put on a massive hoodie to hide his face before talking a walk around the President’s iconic property after the band’s sold-out show in the US capital.

Speaking at One Direction’s next show, Niall told the crowd: “I went walking round Washington after midnight. I went to the White House to see Barack Obama.”

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Visit: Niall went to see White House | VIPIRELAND.COM

The 1D star has a life-sized statue of Obama in his home in London.

Niall was given the bizarre gift by his bandmates Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn a number of years ago – and decided he had to go see his hero’s home while in the US.

He added: “I have an Obama statue at my house, so if Obama’s at my house, I can go to his.”

It was a massive decision by Niall to leave their five-star hotel for the walking trip around Washington.

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Previously he told how he made the band’s security get him a massively plush room because of his fear of leaving it.

He said: “I just say to [tour manager] Paul Higgins, ‘Get me a nice hotel room so I can stay in it.”