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Niall Horan left in 'lot of pain' after knee bashed by missile during concert


One Direction star Niall Horan has urged fans to stop throwing stuff at him – after his knee was bashed by a flying object.

The Mullingar singer underwent surgery five months ago for his knee to deal with huge pain he has been dealing with since dislocating his knee when he was younger.

The 1D sensation, 20, was injured further when his knee was attacked in 2012 by a pigeon in a London park.

One Direction perform at Croke Park

On stage: Niall performing in Croke Park | VIPIRELAND.COM

And Niall admits he was left in “a lot of pain” after being hit by something on stage in Amsterdam tonight.

He said: “Also guys! Can you limit what gets thrown on stage please! Coz something thrown at me tonight! Hit my knee! A lot of pain from it!

“Never wanna sound like I’m complaining! But only having my operation five months ago, I still get a bit of pain and I’m very scared about it.”

One Direction perform at Croke Park

Crocked: Niall can’t dance because of operation | VIPIRELAND.COM

After going under the knife, Niall said it became “a much larger surgery than first anticipated” in a Colorado clinic in America.

He had been helped recuperate by specialists from Chelsea football club.