Niall Horan: ‘It’s a challenge singing without One Direction’

The singer reveals what fans can expect from his debut solo album


Niall Horan has revealed that it’s a new challenge singing without his band, One Direction.

The group, who were first formed on the X Factor in 2010, has been on hiatus since 2015 – but this has allowed him to create his own music as he’s set to release his debut solo album.

“The biggest challenge of making the album was making sure I could sing for that long,” he said.

Solo: The singer admitted that it’s a new challenge performing without his band mates | YOUTUBE

However, the 23-year-old admitted that he hasn’t made singing his songs too hard.

“I did write the songs in my key so I didn’t try to make it too difficult for myself,” he added.

The Mullingar man also revealed what type of sound his fans can expect to hear on his debut solo album, mentioning that he has taken inspiration from those he listened to as a kid such as Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and Crosby, Stills and Nash.

One Direction perform at Croke Park

New sound: Niall has revealed kind of sound his fans can expect from his debut solo album | VIPIRELAND.COM

“Whenever I would pick up a guitar, I would always naturally play chords like that, and finger pick a lot and play that folky kind of style. Some of the songs are heavier than others.

“I play a bit of electric on some tracks and we obviously played around a lot with percussion stuff to build up the songs so there were a lot of things going on percussion wise,” he added.

The musician is set for another successful year as he’s been featured in Billboard’s Hot 100 songs of 2016 with his debut solo single, This Town.