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Jedward jet to the States to film latest music video with Perez Hilton


Eurovision twins Jedward have got their man for their newest video – filming a cameo with Perez Hilton.

The former X Factor stars teamed up with the US gossip guru for the video of Make Your Own Look.

Yesterday, they filmed the video with Perez in Los Angeles – with the lads hoping getting him will ensure the video “lasts forever”.

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Pal Perez said: “So fun catching up with Jedward and filming a cute cameo for a new music video of theirs! Jepic!”

The Lucan lads asked him to be in a video to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Perez Hilton, which will see him blogging at the beginning.

They are making three videos – and are also planning to get William Shatner to star in their new music video.


Other plans: Jedward previously meeting William Shatner

Edward said: “We’re hoping to get William Shatner in one of our music videos, because think about it – that would last forever – Captain Kirk in your music video.

“We’re recording three music videos – one for Ferocious, one for Leave A Mark On This World, and we’re making a song Make Your Own Look.”

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