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Jay-Z has ANOTHER lawsuit brought against him

Another lawsuit has been brought against Jay-Z. This one’s to do with alleged non-payment of royalties.

He’s currently performing all over the world with his wife Beyoncé, on their ‘On The Run II’ tour, but a business partner from the beginning of his career is trying to chase him down for an overdue payday.

TMZ report that Raynard Herbert is owed 1% of the sales for the rapper’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’ album.

The album was released in 1996 but Herbert’s royalties cheques stopped arriving in November 2008 and he wants his money!

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Raynard’s lawsuit claims that his connections helped to land Jay’s Roc-A-Fella a distribution deal in 1995 and his share of 1% of the sales of “Reasonable Doubt”. He also said he helped to master the album.

TMZ state that the music business veteran tried to get the issue resolved with Jay-Z before resorting to legal action. He contacted the rapper in May 2010 to inquire about his missing money and update the address that his cheques should be sent to, alas, he still hasn’t received any of them.

As well as the backlog of the percentage of sales income he’s owed, Raynard is also suing for damages, interest and extra fees.

Jay-Z is also due in the US Supreme Court in December for a long-running court case which alleges he has a son he with a woman he was romantically involved with just before ‘Reasonable Doubt’ was released.


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