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Nul points: Ireland has 'no chance' of winning Eurovision this year – Linda Martin

Kasey Smith has been warned that she has no chance of winning the Eurovision this year.

Former winner Linda Martin admitted that Ireland’s best chance is scraping through to the final when we perform in the semi-final on Thursday.

She said: “I am going to be very optimistic that we get out of the semi-final. Unfortunately the way things are there has been no speculation [of an Irish win].”

However Linda – who said winning in 1992 was the “best thing that ever happened” to her – claimed that if we don’t win it’s because the song, Heartbeat, isn’t good enough.

She said: “I do believe the best song usually comes to the top. Usually the good song will win and then there are squabbles after that for political voting.”


Lost heart: Linda Martin with last year’s Eurovision hopeful Ryan Dolan

And Linda told The Waiting Room that she lost a lot of belief in the Eurovision last year after Ryan Dolan came last.

She added: “When Ryan Dolan came at the bottom last year, when I consider the production that went into that song was second to none, I sort of lost heart.

“As I thought it was a really good act and a spectacular production.”


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