Home Music Imelda May reveals Bono helped her on her 'break up album'

Imelda May reveals Bono helped her on her 'break up album'


Imelda May has revealed Bono has helped her though her new “break up album”.

The Dublin singer, who announced her split from husband Darrel Higham last July, has said her new album is her most personal yet.

“The album is about my life and what I’ve experienced recently,” she told the Irish Sun.

“The songs are more honest than anything before. I’ve gone through friendship, divorce, falling in love again, falling out of love again.”

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The 41-year-old wrote songs about her split with her husband in her upcoming songs  Game Changer, Human, and When It’s Time.

“I’ve had a rollercoaster year and I am still in the middle of it.

“So there are breaking up songs, falling in love songs. It’s life. I like detail, if you write about something you haven’t had experience of, you miss the little details that make it ring true,” she explained.

” (Bono) told me if you get this record right it will be a game changer, and that became a song, Game Changer. I’ve put my heart and soul into this record. I’m very proud of it.”