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Imelda May: 'I will NEVER let bullies bring me down – I will hold my head high'


Imelda May has insisted she will never let bullies bring her down.

The Liberties sensation admitted she has been forced to “hold her head high” when attacked over where she is from.

But Imelda said she always been proud of her Dublin inner-city roots – despite the slagging it has brought her.


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She added: “When I was a kid sometimes people used to slag me off for being from the Liberties but I’ve always held my head high.

“It is a colourful area with a lot of colourful people and I’ve always loved that.”

Rockabilly singer Imelda had to wait until she hit her 30s to begin to make waves in the music industry.

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Imelda got a massive boost after appearing on Jools Holland’s BBC show – and now wants to give back with a scholarship at the BIMM music college.

She told the Herald: “I would have loved to go to college like that. I really would have done, but I didn’t get the opportunity.”