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Imelda May an INSTANT TV hit – as 350,000 people tune in after just two episodes


Musician Imelda May has become a huge hit on the TV – with 350,000 tuning into each episode of her TV show.

The Rockabilly star has been installed by RTE to present their version of Later… With Jools Holland – the Imelda May Show.

And TV bosses are already delighted, as new figures show she’s already bringing in an average of 350,000 people – after just two episodes.

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To come: Sinead O’Connor will be appearing on The Imelda May Show

The Dubliner has seen a huge 750,000 people tuning in at some point across the Sunday night show.

So far RTE have just given the green light for four episodes of the series, but are now expected to extend that.

Musicians including Hozier, Sinead O’Connor and Paulo Nutini are still to come over the next two episodes.

However Imelda previously admitted that she had no want to ever end up as a TV presenter.

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