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Hozier was left 'disheartened' after trolls attacked him following performance to millions on David Letterman Show


Hozier has told how he was left “quite disheartened” after vicious trolls attacked the biggest performance of his career.

The Wicklow singer performed to millions on the The David Letterman Show and The Ellen Degenerous Show.

However the 24-year-old was left saddened when he went and read the horrible comments underneath YouTube videos of the performance.


“They were fantastic opportunities; Ellen was great – David Letterman was a different story altogether,” he said.

“You don’t have mixing control, so sometimes it’s out of your hands. Somebody else mixes it. You get mixers who may not have heard the music so they come in, have a fiddle and go this’ll do.

“So then there’s that feeling of, ‘Oh God I wish that had gone better’. It was a great opportunity for people on YouTube to take a shot at me – I suppose you should never read below the line comments.”

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The Take Me To Church singer clocked up more than 250,000 views for his Letterman performance but told Hot Press he was exhausted at the time.

“I think we fell into New York at 2am that night, got a few hours sleep, and then spent the day at VH1 doing sessions,” he said.

“Then rushed into Letterman’s studio to do a performance. I was tired – we’d been on tour, and before that, I’d been recording the album – I hadn’t a day off.”


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The Wicklow native shot to fame in 2013 and also revealed that the whole idea of fame doesn’t appeal to him.

When asked if he liked the idea of fame, he said: “No, not really. That’s not why you start doing this.

“If someone stops you and asks you for a photograph, it’s nice and flattering – but it isn’t what the whole thing is about.”

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