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EXCLUSIVE! There will be TWO Slane Castle gigs next year – with AC/DC also set to headline


Music fans will be happy to hear there will be two special Slane Castle gigs taking place next year.

Dave Grohl announced this week that the Foo Fighters will headline the venue on May 30th 2015 and now Goss.ie has learned rockers AC/DC will also headline their own gig.

A music industry insider told Goss.ie that a second gig will take place and both concerts are expected to sell out.


Second gig: AC/DC will also headline

“There has been talks for a while now that Foo Fighters would be playing and AC/DC would be playing,” the source explained.

“Nobody knew which venue it was for, but now a second announcement is expected for Slane Castle.

“Foo Fighters will play May 30th and a second date will be added for AC/DC to play.

Foo Fighters officail (1)

Two gigs: Foo Fighters will headline the first Slane gig

“MCD have also lined up some seriously good opening acts, they will all be announced soon,” the insider added.

Last year the Slane gig hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons when a young girl was filmed performing oral sex on concert goers, and was dubbed “Slane girl.”

Other stars that have rocked the venue include Madonna and Robbie Williams.