Home Music Eurosong hopeful Kim Hayden: 'Sending Molly to Eurovision is a big risk'

Eurosong hopeful Kim Hayden: 'Sending Molly to Eurovision is a big risk'


Eurovision hopeful Kim Hayden has hit out at Eurosong winner Molly Sterline – saying it will be a “risk” to send her to Eurovision.

As a member of girlband Liir with fellow stars Leanne Moore and Michele McGrath, Kim failed to make the cut for Eurosong.

However, the feisty Voice contestant has now revealed she’s not a fan of the song Ireland has picked to send to Vienna.

“Molly is a very talented artist but I don’t think her song is a Eurovision song and I think it’s a risk to send it,” she admitted.


Not for me: Kim doesn’t think Molly’s song suits Eurovision

Meanwhile, fellow Liir star Michele interviewed the 16-year-old for Irish TV ahead of her Late Late Show performance and had nothing but kind words to say.

“Wishing this beauty the very best of luck tonight,” she wrote.

The Tipperary singer recently dismissed criticism that she is too young for the stressful competition, but insisted she is ready.

“A lot of people are talking about my age — but to me it just feels like I have been doing this for ages,” she said.


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Interview: Molly chatted to Michele McGrath ahead of her performance

Singer and model Michele even interviewed Molly for Irish TV about her Eurovision dream.