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Eoghan McDermott: 'I massively admire Niall Horan… he's the most grounded person I know'


2FM presenter Eoghan McDermott has admitted he “massively admires” Niall Horan for staying grounded.

And the Voice of Ireland host claims the attention on his gang of celebrity pals in Ireland is “completely irrelevant”.

Along with One Direction star Niall, he is also part of a group of friends with Bressie, Laura Whitmore and Angela Scanlon.

“The whole ‘London-Irish gang’ media attention thing is completely irrelevant to me. My friends and I knocked a bit of fun out of it originally when someone put that tag on us,” he said.

angela and niall and laura

Gang: Part of the group out on town in London

“But my so-called ‘showbiz’ friends are pretty low-key and grounded. I massively admire Niall. He is where he is: a multi-millionaire, but also the most grounded person I know.

“He’s very generous with his time, given what his world is like. Bressie is the same, while Laura is the most glam of us but underneath she’s a lovely person. Your pals are your pals, so I’m not sure I get the commotion.

“Most of the time in London, we hang out in the house with a cup of tea and a DVD, or go to the local pub. I have plenty of other friends who I see in London, too.”

Meanwhile, Eoghan told the Insider that he feels like a “international hobo” and is forced to stay at home when recording his 2FM show here.


Presenters: Eoghan with Voice co-host Kathryn Thomas

He now doesn’t have a pad of his own here or in London after his lease ended in the UK – where he was hoping to present his weekend 2FM show from.

“With the new 2FM show, I originally wanted to record it from London, mainly because there’s an unending supply of great guests,” he explained.

“When I worked at XFM, there were always big celebrity names coming into the sister stations; people who were doing the rounds. I thought it might be great to tap into that.

“It didn’t work out that way, but as luck would have it, it means I get to come home more often. I use the family home a lot when I’m in Dublin – everyone in my family is off in various parts of the world. My parents ended up buying a house in Italy so they go there for the summer.”