Home Music Dua Lipa describes working with THIS artist as ‘a dream come true’

Dua Lipa describes working with THIS artist as ‘a dream come true’

The singer opened up about her latest track


Dua Lipa has opened up about her latest track Levitating, which sees her duet with both Madonna and Missy Elliott in the song’s remix.

The singer admitted that she was a long-time fan of Missy, and that working alongside the hip hop star was a “mind-blowing experience”.

Speaking to Apple Music, Dua revealed how the collaboration came to be: “I jumped on the phone with her and we had a little talk and she really just does stuff that she really believes in, so that I felt it was such a massive compliment for me.”

“[For her] to be so inspired by the remix and the track, and to want to be a part of this mixtape…it really is a dream come true.”

The 24-year-old also admitted to listening to Madonna’s music her entire life: “I guess her career trajectory as well has been something so inspirational and the momentum that she’s kept and the way that she’s grown with her music.”

“I’ve always found that really, really inspiring,” she added.

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