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Crystal Swing now ‘cringe’ at their old cheesy music video

Crystal Swing’s Mary Murray-Burke has admitted that she and her kids still cringe at their video for He Drinks Tequila.

The family band rose to success in 2010 when their video for the popular song was taken from the show Rural TV and posted on YouTube, where it became a viral hit.

“I cringe and Derek and Dervla cringe particularly when they see [He Drinks Tequila], because Derek doesn’t blink for the whole thing,” the mother-of-two said.


Family: The band found fame in 2010 with a viral video | VIPIRELAND.COM

Mary revealed that the charm of the no-budget video made them famous but her kids have improved their talents since then.

“It was a no-budget video but I suppose that was what made us,” she told the Irish Mirror.

“They just do not like looking at themselves in that video, but I must say they have improved dramatically since then – their vocals and everything..

“Back then they were very young, only kids and still going to school.

“We were just an ordinary family and then suddenly we were thrown into the bright lights of the unknown.”

John Waters poses with Crystal Swing at Today FM

Cheap as chips: Mary admitted their no-budget film made them who they are | VIPIRELAND.COM

The band went from strength to strength after their viral phenomenon and even landed a gig on the hugely popular US show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I think we were the beginnings of the YouTube thing in Ireland and a lot of people have said that to us,” the 52-year-old continued.

“I really feel we got the whole thing kickstarted because after our video went viral anybody and everybody started putting up videos to try and promote their own careers.

“We were the only ones to break it and get on the Ellen DeGeneres Show but thankfully it did reignite the Country scene in Ireland.

“It’s been an amazing experience for us all and I am so proud of them.”

Just in case you’ve forgotten this gem of a song, check out the video below.

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