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Christy Dignam: 'When I die – Aslan goes with me'


Christy Dignam has revealed that when he dies – Aslan will die with him.

The Dublin singer has been suffering from a rare type of blood cancer  and admitted that the famous band “wouldn’t work” without him.

“I don’t think Aslan would survive without me. It wouldn’t work without me. What struck me, being in the audience at the Night for Christy was that Aslan have a legacy in the songs we leave behind,” he said.

Aslan at Harrys  on the Green 28

Star: Christy doesn’t think Aslan would work without him | BRIAN MCEVOY

“We are a team, the energy and enthusiasm of Billy McGuinness and all, we did it all together.”

Despite having little more than 12 months left to live, the legendary musician admitted that he feels “great” since he cut back on his medication.

“I am only starting to feel myself in the past few weeks after they cut back my medication,” he told The Sun.

Aslan pose in their Olympia Theatre dressing room

Feeling good: Christy feels great since cutting back on his meds | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I used to have to swallow a box of tablets every day with horrible side effects. Now I feel great.”

Meanwhile, Christy is looking ahead to the release  of Aslan’s summer single, Secret Smile.

The singer said that he wanted to do an upbeat song to contrast what he has been going through for the last few years.

Aslan at Harrys  on the Green 24

Music: Aslan are getting ready for the release of their summer single | BRIAN MCEVOY

“I wanted to do a summer song. Something lively. If I had released a song about what I had been through the past few years, it would have been very dark.”

“Instead, I wanted to do something upbeat. Have people going ‘is that Christy Dignam? He sounds great’.”