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Cardi B’s debut album goes gold MINUTES after release

Cardi B is probably the most entertaining artist around at the moment but the singer’s success reaches way further than her funny Instagram posts.

The Bronx rapper’s debut album, Invasion of Privacy, just dropped and it went gold in mere minutes.

She can thank the success of her hit single Bodak Yellow for the instant gold status of her first album as the single’s hits counted towards the accolade.

Every ten sales of a single count as one album sale according to Chart Data.

Forbes explained Bodak Yellow topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in September and reached 5x Multi-Platinum which equates to 5 million units.

Based off that Invasion of Privacy had already moved 500,000 units due to Bodak Yellow alone, which was enough to earn a Gold certification!

Her fiance, Offset from Migos, congratulated her for her album release by throwing a surprise party for which he flew in family members from as far afield as the Dominican Republic.

Other golden Cardi moments include when she had a major fan-girl moment after receiving a note from U2 front man Bono.


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