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When did Ronan Keating get so ripped?


They’ve been married for 10 months and Storm and Ronan Keating are clearly still in the honeymoon phase.

While the 39-year-old singer hit the gym to pump iron, his smitten wife couldn’t resist posting a picture of her hunky husband to her Instagram page.

And it’s not surprising Storm, 34, was eager to show off as Ronan is currently sporting some impressive muscles thanks to his fitness regime.

And he's just warming up #lifting #weights #pumpit #morningsession #fitness with @dtrainfitness #health #spine #strength #longevity

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Later the pair – who are living in Australia while Ronan films The Voice AU – went for a run along Bondi Beach but the singer admitted he wasn’t quite so keen.

Sharing a picture of Storm running ahead while he made a face, Ronan wrote: “Smashing it in the Gym wasn’t enough for @stormykeating she had to go for a run #Ouch #Bondilife.”

Smashing it in the Gym wasn't enough for @stormykeating she had to go for a run #Ouch #Bondilife

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He also posted a gushing message about Storm on his Instagram page, insisting that the TV producer-turned-blogger constantly amazes him.

Ronan wrote: “This lady never ceases to amaze me. She never stops working pushing boundaries and breaking down barriers to make ‘Everything Better’. I love her passion her heart and her honesty. Enjoy her latest blog it’s my Fav so far.”