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Brandon Flowers admits he loves Ireland thanks to U2

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers reveals he loves Ireland because of Bono and U2.

The Las Vegas native was in Dublin playing his first solo gig as part of his European tour and admits that he can “let loose” to the Irish crowd.

“There’s the whole U2 thing here I think, their spirit is just here, even when they’re not,” he said.

U2 - Songs Of Innocence2_photo credit_PAOLO PELLEGRIN

Disguise: Brandon first met U2 in 2004 | PAOLO PELLEGRIN

The Desired Effect hit maker first met Bono and the band back in 2004 when The Killers played a gig in The Olympia although the Dublin rockers tried to remain unnoticed.

“They were trying to hide themselves but it was just impossible,” he revealed.

The 33-year-old singer has even closer connections to Ireland in one of the bands production crew.


Hot Fuss: Brandon has started a solo career

“Our lighting guy, his name is Stephen Douglas and he has been on the road with The Killers for ten years now,” he said.

The lighting technician was the one responsible for the lighting at The Olympia Show in 2004 and the Mr Brightside rockers were so impressed with him that they hired him.

“We liked his show he put effort into it and he did cues and things like that so we took him on and he’s with us ever since,” he told The Herald.

The American said that he gets inspiration for his music from Ireland and Europe which he associates with his massive popularity on this side of the world.


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