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Mission Impossible: Kian Egan now wants to become a Hollywood actor

Kian Egan has bizarrely revealed he has his sights set on Hollywood now his stint on The Voice of Ireland has finishes.

The former Westlife star is hoping to become the new Tom Cruise after he finishes conquering his solo music career.

He said: “The last five months have been such a whirlwind and I have pushed myself in so many different directions I want to sit back for a minute before I go forward again.

“I am amazed at the reception the album has got – for me as one of the non-lead singers in Westlife it was all about the opportunity to do it. I never thought I would have a No 2 album in Ireland and a No 9 album in the UK.

“If nothing else ever happens for me in music again, I will still be delighted I got this opportunity.

“I am very lucky to have a great mix in my life, being a coach on a TV show, making records and TV presenting.

“What’s next? My agent wants to send me to LA for acting roles. I’d try it – why not?”


Music: Kian filming the video for first single Home

However Kian – whose two final Voice acts were voted off at the weekend – also has more TV roles to come.

He added: “I am shooting a video this week for my second single. I have some presenting jobs over the summer and I am in major talks with TV shows.

“Then I have a holiday booked for a few weeks so I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my wife and my little boy.

“I have some big summer shows happening but it’s trickling along. It’s a case of bedding in and getting a few done before I go jumping in at the deep end and go booking 200 gigs.”


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