Home Movie Sarah Bolger returning to Ireland to film popular US series

Sarah Bolger returning to Ireland to film popular US series

Sarah Bolger and Orla Brady have returned to home soil to film their popular US series, Into The Badlands.

Orla plays the role of Lydia on the AMC show, which follows the story of a mighty warrior and a young boy search for enlightenment in a ruthless territory controlled by feudal barons.

The 55-year-old actress told how production for the show was originally supposed to move to New Zealand, but Ireland’s stunning countryside won out in the end.

“It’s one of those lovely strokes of luck that happen in life,” she told the Herald.


Coming home: Orla says production moving to Ireland was a ‘lovely stroke of luck’ | AMC

“It has nothing to do with Ireland. We shot the first season in New Orleans and then they wanted to shoot the next outside of America. It’s an expensive show.

“They were going to New Zealand for the longest time, we were all gearing up to the other side of the world and then Ireland came in because we have natural sea and the Burren and great exteriors.”

The star also revealed that Ireland’s tax rate lured in show bosses.


Working abroad: Sarah Bolger has been busy working in the US | AMC

“There was the tax break. The tax break is working beautifully; it’s bringing productions here. If the show goes forward beyond the second year then Ireland will be its home and it will go forward year on year.

“We are here until nearly Christmas shooting this. It takes a long time to film because there are these big fight sequences and we have these big exteriors, the scenery here is so good,” she added.

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