Ridley Scott won’t take action against Kevin Spacey – despite being forced to reshoot movie

It cost millions of dollars in re-shoots

Photo: Daniel Deme/

Director Ridley Scott won’t take any action against Kevin Spacey, despite the fact that millions of dollars was spent on re-shoots to replace the actor in the movie ‘All The Money In The World’.

The actor had to be replaced by Christopher Plummer after the film was already completed, because of the sexual assault allegations that came out against the actor in recent months.

Plummer was brought in for reshoots that are estimated to have cost 10 million dollars, two months before the film about billionaire J Paul Getty was due to be released.


However, the film still premiered in Los Angeles on Monday and will be released as scheduled at Christmas in the United States.

Scott told the Press Association at the LA premiere that he won’t be trying to get compensation from the House of Cards actor.

“No, there’s no way you can ensure that. The cost involved was relative, comparatively not bad because we all did it for nothing”

“That’s not something we’re interested in doing at all. Let’s move on, draw a line under it, we’ve made our point and we can release our film now.”

Scott took no time to make his decision on removing Spacey when he added, “It had to be done, it was instant. It took probably half an hour of discussion, the reality of having to do that,” he said.

“Otherwise the film will dissolve away because no-one will want to see it and therefore no-one will want to put money into it.”

All The Money In The World is due in Irish cinemas on January 5, 2018.