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Netflix fans react to the shocking ending of 365 Days sequel

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Netflix released the highly-anticipated sequel to their raunchy film 365 Days on April 27.

The first film was a huge success as it was in the daily Top 10 list on Netflix in over 90 countries around the world, and it was the fourth most searched film on Google globally in 2020.

The second film follows Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka), who is now married to handsome mob boss Massimo (Michele Morrone).

This new chapter includes more steamy encounters, bitter jealousy, and dangerous betrayals as their new beginning is complicated by Massimo’s family ties and a mysterious man who enters Laura’s life to win her heart and trust, at any cost.

The sequel builds to a shocking finale that has left fans stunned. Here’s the ending explained:

Before she gets married to Massimo, Laura reveals to her best friend Olga that she hasn’t told him she was pregnant. And it is revealed that although she survived the major accident, she unfortunately lost her baby.

The two get married, and it doesn’t take long for Massimo to return to his old ways, but Laura refuses to go along with his demands.

Olga also ends up getting together with Massimo’s new right-hand man Domenico, who took over from Mario when he retired, blaming himself for Laura’s incident.

Olga and Domenico get engaged, which further highlights the split between Laura and Massimo.

Things come to a climax when Laura spies Massimo leaving a party with her former lover Anna and catches them cheating.

She runs into Massimo’s gardener Nacho outside the party, and he takes her away to his father’s house in Spain.

While the two of them get close, Massimo is in Italy with Anna, who wants to unite their families.

He refuses and accuses Anna of being behind Laura’s sudden departure.

And it turns out that Anna and Massimo were not actually having an affair — Laura actually saw Anna with Massimo’s twin brother Adriano, who Laura had no idea existed!

Nacho, who is now with Laura in Spain, then reveals to Laura that he is the son of Don Fernando Matos, the “head of the local Mafia and eternal rival of [her] husband’s family.”

But Nacho then tries to convince Laura that his feelings for her are real, and she is forced to go to a meeting with Nacho’s father, where Massimo will also be present.

Don Matos tries to use Laura to persuade Massimo to give up control of the family to his twin brother, but Massimo refuses as Adriano was responsible for their father’s death.

Unfortunately, Laura ended up being taken by the wrong bodyguard when she arrived at the meeting. Massimo and Nacho both head off to find her, and see her being confronted by Adriano and Anna.

A standoff ensues as Adriano holds Laura hostage and taunts his brother about Laura’s miscarriage. Before Massimo can deal with that revelation, Laura breaks free and is shot by Anna, who is shot by Nacho in turn. Massimo then shoots Adriano before he can shoot him.

It’s unclear who is actually dead as Massimo cradles Laura in the final shot, but a third movie is on the way, so we can probably assume she is alive.


The dramatic sequel has already been getting a huge reaction from viewers, who have been taking to Twitter to share their thoughts and opinions on the “disappointing” ending.

One fan Tweeted: “I’m so disappointed in the 365 Days This Day. That was f***ed up the ending.”

Another wrote: “just finished watching 365 days: this day and wtf is that ending???!! are you kidding me?!😤”

A third said: “365 days part 2 has the worst plot on this planet I have wasted my life it felt like a million never ending hours please don’t even think of watching it #365Days2

Check out more reactions below:


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