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Mystery Belfast boy cast as teenage George Best

On the 10 year anniversary of George Best’s death, it has been revealed that the actor that will play a young George has officially been found.

Producers of George Best: The Movie are not revealing the identity of the boy, all we know is that he’s a 16-year-old from Belfast.

The film project has gotten the go ahead thanks to nearly £100,000 raised in crowd-funding from fans, with producer Stephen Evans confirming to the Belfast Telegraph last night that they have indeed found the boy.

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“We decided to look for a footballer who can act rather than an actor who needs to learn to play football.

“Finding such a boy, who also has the legendary looks and charm of the great man, was clearly a challenge, but we are happy.

“We’ve met some great lads from Belfast in the casting process. I’m afraid we won’t be revealing our George just yet. Shooting hasn’t started and we don’t want our lad to be pushed into the limelight too soon,” he said.

The producer also released details of the film’s plot, which looks set to go into the depths of George’s personal life and career.


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“The first draft of the screenplay is complete and we can reveal that the movie will kick off in a raucous Belfast pub in the late 1950s – complete with live music, shipyard workers and the local community celebrating the end of the week.

“The following morning we meet George Best and his family, who have just heard about the Munich air disaster.

“George, being a fanatic young footballer, runs to the park to kick a ball around with his mates and dreams of becoming the next star of Manchester United.”

Stephen mentioned that the film will be roughly 50/50 between telling George’s life story through recreated footage as well as archive footage of his best matches.


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