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Michael Moore calls on Irish people to ‘take the p**s out of’ Donald Trump


Michael Moore has called on Irish people to “take the p**s out” of Donald Trump when he visits Ireland later this month.

The famed documentary film-maker is currently on Irish soil promoting his new film, Where to Invade Next, and has urged the people of Ireland to use our “great Irish sense of humour” to ridicule Trump while he’s here.

“I would ask the Irish in the weeks leading up to his visit to really think about how to use the great Irish sense of humour, satire, ridicule to take the p*** out of him while he’s here.

“You would do all of us a great service,” he told RTÉ TEN.

Michael Moore Screening at The IFI

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The director, who is of Irish-American descent, also said that he appreciates the impact his Irish heritage has had on his personality.

“First of all, growing up as an Irish-American, you have a sense of humour that is a bit dark and sometimes a little warped, but very necessary in order to deal with all the darkness in the world, I think.

“So I think having a sense of humour comes very much from the Irish in our family and I’m appreciative of that,” he added.