Home Movie Michael Fassbender: 'I spend my time trying to master moonwalking like Jacko'

Michael Fassbender: 'I spend my time trying to master moonwalking like Jacko'


Michael Fassbender has told how one of his biggest career influences is Michael Jackson.

The Hollywood star said he believes the King of Pop helped him get through his younger years – and now is boosted by how devoted he was to entertainment.

The Kerry actor said he was “somebody that basically gave his whole life, I think, to an industry”.

And the Kerry actor admitted he still spends his time trying to moonwalk.

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Helped: Music got him through younger years | VIPIRELAND.COM

He said: “Oh yeah sure, I still try. Yeah, I definitely did mimic as many of the moves as I could.

“That was also a big influence, you know, just the way he moved and the dancing. There was nothing like it that I’ve ever seen… certainly, it was brand new at the time.”

And Michael, who is now a self-confessed “metal-head” said music was a big deal to him growing up in rural Ireland.


Metal-head: Michael’s musical tasted have changed

Speaking on US radio, he added: “I think in places, you know, growing up in the countryside, I think music is a very big deal for teenagers and especially in places away from cities.

“It’s kind of the one outlet you can get. There’s not a lot of options other than, you know, fields and mountains which are beautiful and great, but in terms of any action it was found through some sort of music. So yeah, heavy metal was big.”

Recently Goss.ie told how Michael will be a bonafide rock star when the Frank album is released soon.