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Margot Robbie ‘so excited’ to work with Domhnall Gleeson again


Margot Robbie has admitted that she’s “so excited” to work with Domhnall Gleeson again.

The Suicide Squad star worked with Domhnall on About Time back in 2013, and the pair are now set to team up again to play husband and wife in Goodbye Christopher Robin.

“I’m so excited [to work with him again].

“We worked together when, actually, it was my first proper movie and I was working with Domhnall, and now he’s just done the most incredible films and he’s just such a nice guy. I’m just so excited,” she told RTÉ Entertainment.

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Domnhall, 33, is set to play Winnie-the-Pooh creator A.A. Milne in Goodbye Christopher Robin, with Margot portraying his wife, which follows the authors relationship with his son.

Margot previously spoke about working with Domhnall on About Time – and couldn’t help but gush about how “genuine” he was.

“I learned so much about acting from him, probably more than anyone else because it was one of my first movies and also because he’s so genuine and one of the good ones,” she told the Irish Sun on Sunday.

“He’s so unbelievably talented it’s insane. It’s really nice working opposite someone so talented and who isn’t entirely aware of how talented they are. It’s a really strong combination. No wonder he’s doing so well,” she added.