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Juliette Binoche: 'I absolutely adore Gabriel Byrne'

Oscar-winning actress Juliette Binoche has admitted her weakness for Irish actor Gabriel Byrne.

The 51-year-old French beauty divulged that working with the iconic Irish film star reminds her of great memories.

“I absolutely adore Gabriel, not only because he’s such a wonderful actor but he reminds me of a wonderful time in Ireland,” she said.

7th Annual Irish Film & Television Awards

Great memories: Juliette said that she has great memories of Ireland | VIPIRELAND.COM

“It was my first time filming in Ireland and I am certain it won’t be the last,

“The energy, the vibrancy of the country combined with the an atmosphere of love and patience, it reinvigorated my essence,” she told Women’s Way.

“I will definitely be coming back there soon.”

The actress will star in two films with Gabriel Byrne later this year – The 33 and Nobody Wants The Night.

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