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Jessica Pare: 'It wasn't hard to pretend I was in a relationship with Brian Gleeson – he's so charming'


Man Men star Jessica Pare found it very easy play Brian Gleeson’s love interest – as he’s “so charming”.

The Canadian actress recently shot new film Standby in Dublin, and said it “wasn’t hard” to jump into the mindset of being a couple.

The Irish flick tells the story of a couple who are reunited through fate after having a summer romance eight years previously.

And the 33-year-old said Brian made it, “easy to get a good rapport going. Brian and I got along like a house on fire; it wasn’t hard for us at all to get that.

A screening of "The Stag' at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival
Co-star: Jessica will co-star alongside talented Brian Gleeson | VIPIRELAND.COM

“He’s very talented, so funny and charming. It was easy play someone who’s taken by him. But you want to have chemistry with your co-stars anyway, you’ll try to find that.

“Unless you’re a big jerk who walks into a room, deciding that you already hate the other actor, you’ll be open to it. And we had this great material to work from, so it was no problem to be playful and light together.”

“And in the heavier, more harsh scenes, these feel like real people, struggling to articulate their feelings.”

The Canadian beauty insisted the film is hilarious despite being unable to understand a lot of the Irish jokes.

Star: Jessica previously starred in Hot Tub Time Machine

“There are some pretty hilarious moments in it. Of course, it’s an Irish film and proudly so, and there are probably some jokes that I don’t appreciate as much as you guys,” she told the RTE Guide.

“Some of them go over my head. But I guess that’s also part of the joke. That’s what makes very much ‘of Dublin’.”

But the Mad Men star didn’t get to visit many of the places Ireland has to offer but believes she got to see Dublin in a whole different way.

“I’ll have to go back for that. It was a pretty intensive shooting schedule, so on the few days that I could have experienced Ireland as a tourist, I chose to rest,” she said.

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Father and son: Brian with his famous dad Brendan | PHOTOCALL IRELAND

“But in a film like this, we do a lot of shooting outside: in the streets or the pubs. So I got to experience Dublin in a different way to how a tourist would.

“I feel it was a bit more genuine. And I got to know a lot of Irish people, especially the cast and crew.”

And despite coming from a land where -30C temperatures are common, Jessica found it is “totally freezing all the time here.”

She added: “I guess I’ve gone soft from my ten years in LA. I know a lot of your buildings are old, but I was like, ‘what’s with the insulation around here, guys? Everyones wearing sweaters and coats and hats inside.”