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Inside the Oscars €200k nominee goodie bags

Now this is a serious prize

Every year the biggest names in Hollywood walk the red carpet of the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, in hopes of bagging an Oscars win.

But if they don’t walk away with the biggest award in the movie business, they still do alright, as they get a goodie bag worth over €205k.

This year your nomination comes with a cruise on a luxury yacht, cosmetic surgery and a  personal matchmaking service (oh how Hollywood).

Photo: WENN.com

But not everyone gets this prestigious goodie bag – this is just sent out to the Best Actor and Best Actress nominees.

This year the swag bag includes a 12-day yacht cruise worth €71,000, €18k of facial rejuvenation treatments and €18k worth of matchmaking services.

Lucky nominees will also get a 24-carat gold Royal Chakra Bath Bomb as well as biodegradable Bust Support tape.

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This special gift bag isn’t affiliated with the Academy directly and instead work with high-class brands to create bespoke goodie bags for the top nominees.

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