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Goss meets Evanna Lynch: 'I want MORE Harry Potter movies to be made… so I can be in them'


She’s been living in LA living the high-life continuing her push to make it as one of Ireland’s biggest export.

But Evanna Lynch will forever and ever be known for one thing: her role in Harry Potter.

Like Danielle Radcliffe, the 23-year-old has morphed into her character from JK Rowling’s books.

However Evanna isn’t running away from Luna Lovegood – and exclusively tells Goss.ie she yearns for future movies to jump back into the role again.

And the Louth star reveals how Saoirse Ronan has become her guiding light in her push for movie roles.

Evanna Lynch

Back home: Evanna misses it all in LA | JASON CLARKE

Do you miss Ireland?

I do, I miss all my family and you know our time difference – I can’t just pick up the phone as they’re usually asleep when I do, so I miss that.

Actually since I’ve been back the weirdest thing is I miss the weather. I don’t love the cold but I like the ups and downs – because in LA it’s sunny all the time and you lose the since of time.

So I have been enjoying the more cool weather and feeling the season change – you know change of wardrobe, it’s fun.

Is it daunting meeting these LA casting directors?

No, people are lovely there. I have never had anyone be out right rude to me there. The thing about LA is it’s very open – everyone will give you a chance. The hard thing about that is it’s very competitive.

But people who are usually there – they are dreamers and they do want you to come in there and impress them. And that’s the attitude you have to take with any casting director. You have to make them your friend before you walk in the room because then you will be your best.

But I haven’t found them daunting or scary. The funny thing is, the higher scale the project usually the nicer they are, because they are used to actors and they know how to get good performances from people.

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Support: Saoirse helps Evanna through life | VIPIRELAND.COM

Is there any Irish actor or actress that you would love to work with?

Yeah loads. I’d love to work with Jim Sheridan the director. It’s funny because my dad told me I met him at a Harry Potter premier but it’s only like in recent years that I have watched his films and thought he was amazing and then Cillian Murphy.

I really admire him, he’s really really cool. I love how he will do something like Inception and then he will go back and do a tiny Irish film. He was at the Olympia recently so I would love to have a career like that.

Would you like a lead role like Saoirse Ronan?

Definitely: 100%. She really has been such a good support – and you don’t expect that of someone so busy and so high profile. But she supported me with everything I do and kind of guides me.

Not in a condescending way but I just feel like she’s someone I’d like to be when I am older. I just want to follow in her footsteps – especially the way she remains so giving and kind. I want to be that way.

Because there are so many people when they get famous, even when they are nice people, they kind of close themselves off from the world and she hasn’t done that and I respect that.


Back in the day: Evanna as Luna Lovegood

What do your parents think?

They want something sensible. My mom still doesn’t understand this industry. It’s that mindset – as soon as you’re not working you’re failing. But the acting industry is so different.

It has ups and downs the whole time so I think growing up in that environment we love to have some kind of support. My parents were great. They sent me to drama classes and I did all my exams. they listened to so many poems and monologues.

Would you be interested in a role in future Harry Potter movies?

Yes! Anytime – just give me a call. But they are making Fantastic Beasts, which is set 70 years before Harry’s time. I don’t think we’re going to be any part of that – I haven’t been told exactly but I think they’re making it. I think they’re in the process of pre-production. So don’t expect to see Harry’s clan.

Are you excited for the movie?

I can’t wait! I think it’s just going to be such a treat because I love the films that we made. The fan in me found it hard to enjoy them. I found it hard to separate that. I was such a big fan for the first four.

I used to queue up and get all dressed up, and that was the only thing when I got the part – I lost that a little bit that excitement. It’s going to be such a treat to be able go to a Harry Potter film and just relax and I’m not going to pop up on the screen unexpectedly.


Charitable: Evanna on a trip with UNICEF

Are you still friendly with the cast of Harry Potter?

I am. We don’t even bother keeping in touch because we see each other at all these events. They just opened a new park in Japan so we ended up seeing each. It’s such a good excuse to just have a reunion.

You recently tweeted JK Rowling as well!

I got a bit excited about those tweets. We’ve written letters – I’ve written to her since I was 11 and we’ve never stopped. So I write to her still. I see her as such a role model in everything – like her writing.

She’s so talented, but also in the way she deals with her fame and her fans. Because I remember when I first started getting fan mail I felt a lot of pressure to write to everyone and to give so much. I just felt so emotionally drained.

I really admire the balance she has – she connects with everyone. If you are ever in her presence – when she is talking to you she is only talking to you. She is not looking around for who else she needs to talk to and it’s just such an amazing quality.

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Becoming Irish? Evanna thinks it would suit him | BRIAN MCEVOY

Those hand written letters to JK, they must be so cherished…

They’re in a compartment in my bag, which I keep them in. They’re the only thing that I just can’t lose. I started writing when I was 11 so I was just a fan then. Those letters – they really did change my life, they changed my perspective on things, making me really think anything is possible.

What would you tell her?

I just told her how important the books were to me. At that age you’re struggling with a lot of things you have, a lot of problems and insecurities. I told her they were the only thing that made me take my mind off things and see something sort of really positive.

She was obviously just touched about by it and she wrote back. The first few letters she would always be sharing her wisdom. They would always be short and concise letters, but they would say so much. And then over the years we got more of a friendship talking about our lives.

Evanna Lynch

Hats off: Evanna is supporting theatre awards | JASON CLARKE

Dan is still well known her for partying with the Dublin GAA team – was he always interested in GAA?

No, I never heard him say that. My dad is very passionate about like hurling and that kind of thing so he could have had chats with him. Dan is someone who always has a new interest – something that he is really passionate about.

He reads a lot. He has done a few movies here. I guess he has been meeting people and his Dad is Northern Irish so it’s a part of him. Maybe he will do a Daniel Day Lewis and change nationality – he might move here.

You’re supporting these Bord Gais Energy Student Theatre Awards awards – they must be important to you?

I just love anything that promotes drama and the arts in school. Even when I was at school, which is not that many years ago, it just wasn’t seen as something you study. And now this my career I wish that I had had the chance to actually embrace that passion.

It was something that I had to do on my own and tell my mum that I want to go to drama classes. It’s just really inspiring to see the movements to actually tell them that this is a thing. I felt when I was growing up the attitude was to get a real job. But be practical and really you can make work out of this, you can make a career out of your art, what you love.