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Fantastic Family Films – And What Food To Eat With Them


Films have the power to unite families together.

We can all sit around, young and old, and watch a fun adventure.

Having some food and spending time with our loved ones is no better way to enjoy life, so if you want to know five of the best family films, and the food that goes with them, then read on.

1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is the oldest film on the list but that doesn’t mean it’s outdated, it means that it’s stood the test of time. Released in 1971 and based on the 1964 novel, the simple story of one poor boy entering a magical world of colour and sweets is relatable to anyone, young or old.

It’s uncomplicated characters work and are identifiable, so that kids will easily understand who they are and what they want. Adults can enjoy Gene Wilder’s terrific performance, that gets better with repeated views.

Of course, having some sweets and chocolates on hand goes well with the film, just don’t eat too much.

2. Zootopia

Zootopia, also known as Zootropolis, is one of Disney’s latest features and one of it’s best. Looking at the world without humans and with anthropomorphic animals allows for many creative ideas. It’s colourful and interesting, with every scenes full of characters and settings kids will love.

It’s also a buddy cop comedy, not something usually aimed at families, but you and the young ones can all sit around and enjoy the story and take on the message.

Salads would be a suitable meal for the film, as eating animals sends the wrong idea.

Vegetarian takeaway is widely available online through various services, so enjoy some with the film!

3. Spirited Away

Animated films have always been able to bring a family together, no matter the country of origin. Spirited Away is one of the greatest films to ever come out of Japan, not surprising it’s one of the works from Hiyao Miyazakiand Studio Ghibli.

Telling the story of Chihiro, a girl who must grow up while a magical world to save her parents, it features terrific animation. It can be scary at times, but nothing a child can’t handle. One thing you can’t help but notice is the amount of food in the film, which is all beautify drawn.

4. The Muppet Christmas Carol

One of the times we all get together and watch films and eat together as a family is Christmas. Viewing an animated adventure or fantasy classic is par the course come Christmas time and you won’t find a better Yuletide movie than The Muppet Christmas Carol.

Retelling the classic novella but with the Muppets has become a staple for many people come December. The jokes are hilarious, the characters memorable, the setting and cinematography spot on and the message always relevant.

Eating this with your Christmas dinner, possibly even a prize goose, will ensure you have a terrific time with your family.

5. Harry Potter

A treat for children will always be giving to the cinema and then having a meal at a fast food restaurant afterwards. It’s a simple and inexpensive day out, but one a child will love. You can easily replicate this though without ever leaving the house, with Harry Potter providing what you need.

The Harry Potter films are everything a kid could want in a film. A child going off to magic school, making new friends, fighting monsters and saving the world is the ideal children’s film, and they’re engaging and fun for adults too.

Tops this off with some burgers and fries, the quintessential tasty and filling food and you will all have a great time, young and old alike.