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EXCLUSIVE! Eoin Macken tells Goss.ie about landing role in new Ridley Scott movie

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Irish star Eoin Macken has revealed he has been cast in new movie Killing Jesus, alongside Fraser star Kelsey Grammer.

Eoin, who is releasing his debut novel this month, has flown out to Morocco to film scenes with an all-star cast, produced by Ridley Scott.

The new film is based on the best-selling book by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, and chronicles the life of Jesus of Nazareth through the retelling of his story

“Killing Jesus is an honour, the cast is incredible,” Eoin told Goss.ie.

killing jesus

Killing Jesus: Eoin Macken has been cast as Antipas

“Working with Kelsey Grammer every day and John Rhys Davies is nerve wracking and invigorating.”

“National Geographic have taken on a challenging story and it’s going to be very powerful,” he explained.

Eoin, who stars in hit NBC series The Night Shift, plays the evil Antipas in the movie, who was the co-conspirator in Jesus’ death.

The Dublin star revealed he fought for the dark role.


Co-star: Eoin is working alongside Kelsey Grammer

“It’s a beautiful script which was what appealed to me and I fought hard to get into his project because I wanted to play Antipas Herod badly.”

“I’ve never played a dark character with so many layers before and it’s a challenge.”

“Despite the obviously cruel nature of what he did I understand him and want to make people ultimately like him.”


“That’s what’s fascinating about this script and the book, it’s a greyer version of what happened, nothing is quite so black and white and doing that properly is delicate and a challenge.”

The Night Shift - Season Pilot

Night Shift: Eoin is becoming a big name in Hollywood

But Eoin isn’t just rising as an actor in Hollywood. The actor has also turned his hand to writing, and is releasing his first novel Kingdom of Scars this month.

“I always wanted to write, but was afraid that I had nothing interesting to say.


“At the moment writing is an incredible freedom which I’m just humbled has been read by anybody at all,” he told Goss.ie.

And it looks like Eoin’s book could soon be coming to the silver screen, as the former Fair City star wants to turn the novel into a screen play.

“I plan on writing a screenplay of it and hopefully turning it into a film, I just have to decide which characters and stories would survive.”


Guests attend the launch the 10th Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

Author: Eoin’s book is out this month | VIPIRELAND.COM

“It’s about a young 15 year old Dublin boy going through his first serious experiences with drinking, sex, drugs, fights, loyalty and a dead body.”

“I think everybody has had some similar experiences at some stage as a teenager – the desire to be cool, accepted, rejected. Those exhultant feelings from small victories.”

“There is a personal feel to the book some of the memories or events, but that’s because I created Sam and part of Sam’s experiences are my experiences,” he explained.

“Although some of it is drawn from my memories, or events that happened to people I know,” he said.

Eoin will launch his book in Easons in the Stephens Green store in Dublin next Monday 13th.

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