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Domhnall Gleeson: 'Nothing's going to change for me after Star Wars'

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The eldest son of Brendan Gleeson has insisted life isn’t going to change after landing a role in Star Wars.

Domhnall Gleeson, who is in the next installment of the movie directed by JJ Abrams, said  he doesn’t think he will be any more famous.

“Not everything’s changed for me. This has happened a couple of times, where people have said to me, ‘Everything changes now,’ and everything doesn’t change.

“Everything’s always gradual,” he said.

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Domhnall added that he feels his low profile helps audiences connect with his characters.

“Your only job, really, is to give as good a performance as you can in the movie.” he told The Last magazine.

“And then not have people know enough about you away from it that it will inform their opinions of you when they sit down to watch you in a film the next time.”


Musical: Domhnall stars as keyboard player John in Frank

Meanwhile Domhnall revealed he loved playing piano player John in quirky movie Frank, because all of his family are musical.

“It was a musical family, my mam is musical as well. If you go out there, my parents have instruments out, it’s just a really nice place to be,” he said.