Ben Affleck reveals the Irish influence in his film Live By Night

Live By Night is set in Boston during the 1920s


Ben Affleck has revealed the strong Irish influence in his new film Live By Night.

The film is set in Boston during the prohibition era stars Dubliner Brendan Gleeson, who plays Ben’s Irish father, and actress Sienna Miller portrays an Irish women.

“Boston considers itself basically Irish despite the fact that most people there have never been to Ireland or would be able to point to Ireland on a map – there is a very strong sense of Irish community in Boston,” he said.



Irish: Ben’s new film, which stars Brenda, is heavily influenced by the Irish in Boston | WARNER BROS

Ben, a Boston native, admitted that the film takes place around the area where Irish people lived in the city during the 1920s.

“It started around the area in Boston that this movie takes place in,” he told RTE Entertainment.

“Irish emigrants came over and they were suffering and there was a lack of opportunities in Ireland and people thought there were more opportunities in the New World.

“The Irish came over and did the kerb stone contracts and stuff like that and it’s always been a big part of the flavour of the city – the Boston Celtics with the shamrock and everything like that.”


Accent: Sienna revealed she worked with a dialect coach to help her Irish accent | WARNER BROS

Sienna also talked about her role as Irish woman Emma Gould and that she worked with a dialect coach to help her nail the accent.

“I worked with a dialect coach, Gerry Grennell, an Irishman who is phenomenal. He worked with me and Heath Ledger on Casanova.

“I also had to take into account that Emma Gould had been living in Boston for fifteen years and so her accent would not have been as┬áCork if she had stayed there.

“Brendan Gleeson liked it so that’s the main thing,” she added.