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Sing Street, The Commitments and more: Goss.ie's Top 10 Irish comedies

The release of Sing Street has got everybody talking about Irish film again.

Goss HQ decided to take the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane at the best flicks our fair nation has to offer.

Of course, we can’t include them all so we decided to stick to our favourite genre – comedy.

We give you our Top 10 favourite funnies for you to enjoy.


1. The Commitments


The mother of Irish comedy flicks, The Commitments is one of our nation’s best loved films.

The 1991 movie adaptation of Roddy Doyle’s novel follows a group of working class Dubliners who decide to form a soul band.

The Commitments was voted the best Irish movie of all time in a 2005 poll by Jameson Irish Whiskey – like you need another excuse for a re-watch.


2. Man About Dog

man about

This 2004 offering follows three lads from West Belfast who sabotage a dog race with the help of a suspicious bookie.

The trio soon discover the dog is useless at raching and before they know  it, they owe £50,000 to the bookie, leading them down south to try and come up with the cash.

The flim stars a young Allen Leech before his Downton Abbey days and also features performances by Patt Short and Finnoula lanagan.


3. Killing Bono

killing bono

Based on Neil McCormack’s best-selling memoir, Killing Bono follows the story of two brothers who attempt to become rockstars – only to watch on as their school mates form U2 and become one of the biggest bands in the world.


Ben Barnes stars as Neil while Love/Hate actor Rob Sheehan portrays his brother Ivan.

Sadly, the real life Bono doesn’t make an appearance in the flick, but maybe that would have made it a little too close to home for Neil.


4. Ordinary Decent Criminal

Panned by critics, this crime-comedy falls under the category of So Bad It’s Good.

Kevin Spacey stars as a notorious Dublin crime boss Michael Lynch who has to go on the run after he fails to sell a stolen Caravaggio painting.

Kevin’s accent in the movie is widely regarded as one of the worst attempts at an Irish brogue ever put on screen so it’s a good one if you’re in the mood for a laugh.



5. Boy Eats Girl

boy eats girl

This is a bit of a weird one.

Samantha Mumba, Laurence Kinlan and Deirdre O’Kane all star in this comedy-horror that follows a group of teens in a Dublin suburb under seige by zombies.

If blood and gore aren’t your thing, maybe steer clear of this one.

But if they are, there’s a great scene involving a group of zombies who come under the wrath of  Samantha Mumba driving a tractor…


6. Adam and Paul


Adam and Paul depicts the life of two Dublin drug addicts as they try to score some heroin.


The film follows the pair through a single day as they rob and scrounge their way to their next hit.

Praised by critics as a “slapstick tragedy”, this one’s definitely worth a watch on the weekend.


7.  In Bruges


While not technically an Irish film, In Bruges stars Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and was written and directed by Martin McDonagh and that’s good enough for us.


Although it’s generally described a crime drama, the movie was noted for it’s dark humour and Colin was nominated in the comedy category at the Golden Globes for his performance.

The film follows two hitmen who are in hiding with Harry Potter star Ralph Feinnes as their boss.

In Bruges has since gone on to cult movie status and is definitely a must-watch if you haven’t seen it already.



8. The Stag


The Stag follows groom to be Fionnan and his wife Ruth (Amy Huberman).

Ruth gets Fionnan’s friend Davin (Andrew Scott) to organise a stag do for him to which he reluctantly agrees.

However, Davin has to do everything in his power to make sure Ruth’s crazy brother known as The Machine doesn’t tag along.


9. Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie


Fans of the TV show where thrilled to hear Mrs. Brown’s Boys had been turned into a movie.

The film topped the box office in both Ireland the UK on it’s opening weekend and even knocked The Fault In Our Stars off thetop spot.

While it doesn’t offer anything new, fans of the series will undoubtedly be pleased.


10. Sing  Street

sing street1

The most recent movie on our list, Sing Street hit theatres on March 17 and has already one the nation over.

The flick tells the story of a Dublin teen in the 80s who forms a band to impress the girl he fancies.

The film stars Aidan Gillen and Jack Reynor and has won universal acclaim from critics.

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