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YouTube star Colleen Ballinger apologises for past insensitive videos

Some resurfaced videos have caused controversy


YouTube star Colleen Ballinger has apologised for some insensitive videos that she posted in the past.

The creator behind Miranda Sings addressed the numerous videos that have caused concern amongst fans – which include fat-shaming and racially insensitive content.

One 14 year old video showcased her and her sister pretending to be Latina women, that were “completely based on racial stereotypes.”

Colleen posted a 13-minute video on her Colleen Vlogs channel this week, and addressed the controversy surrounded some of her old videos.

“It is not funny, and it is completely hurtful,” she stated in the video.

“I am so ashamed and embarrassed that I ever thought this was okay.”

“I was a sheltered teenager who was stupid and ignorant and clearly extremely culturally insensitive.”

The 33-year-old admitted that her and her sister decided to delete the video years later, as they didn’t want anyone to be “hurt” by it.


Colleen also took responsibility for the way she spoke about an overweight woman, who she sat next to on a flight 12 years ago.

“That is not the woman I am today,” she said.

“To anyone and everyone who was hurt or offended by the statements I made when I was younger, I am so, so sorry.”

“I hope you all can see that the person I am today is so far from the person I was a decade ago.”


The mother-of-one rose to fame on YouTube for her portrayal of her alter-ego Miranda Sings, who she retired back in 2018.

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