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WATCH: Saroo Brierley says he has just shown his birth mother Lion… and reveals her reaction


Lion is one of the most talked about films of the year and will be competing for six awards at the Oscars on Sunday.

And its inspiration Saroo Brierley has finally showed his biological mother the movie, he revealed to LAgoss.com at the Australian Oscar Nominee Reception on Friday in Beverly Hills.

“I showed it to her about six days ago and from start to finish she was just in tears,” he said. “The film’s extremely close to her.

“She saw how her two boys went missing, and one didn’t come home until later on and one was no longer. But I think she’s extremely proud of her son, as she states it in the news reports.”

Saroo added that while his birth mother loved watching the movie, she probably doesn’t realise the scale of it from her home in Khandwa, India.

“I don’t know how much they really know to the extent of what this film really is out in the world. She’s a very conservative woman – it’s the 1950s Indian mentality – but very humbled and touched [by] this amazing movie and that it’s out there in the world,” he said.

Saroo has managed to see Kamla several times since he first made the journey to his home town, and next would like to bring her to Hobart, Australia where he grew up with adoptive parents Sue and John Brierley, and still lives.

“I’ve seen her about 15 times now within the five years, which is great. And she’s really happy to see me each time I come back to India, and hopefully one day I’ll get to bring her over to Australia,” he shared.

Sue added: “Like I got to see a lot of what happened with Saroo’s early life that I hadn’t been a part of, now his first mother sees what his life was really like.”