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Kim and Kourtney Kardashian clash as Kourt SLATES Kim’s Met Gala look

Kourtney seriously insulted her sister's taste


The Kardashian sisters are renowned for their fearsome arguments, and Kim and Kourtney are no exception.

The sisters came to blows in a recently released snippet of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

In the clip, Kim and Kourtney argue after Kourtney slates Kim’s outfit for the upcoming Met Gala, in front of the team who styled and created the look.

Kim, who is happy with the look, FaceTimes Kourtney to share her fashion moment.

Kim teases her sister while wearing the OTT outfit, saying: “I was thinking about wearing this to your 40th birthday party.”

“What? Too dressy?”

Kourtney scoffed back: “Are you coming as┬áNicki Minaj?” before Kim snaps back that “This is Cher, honey.”

Getting the last dig in, Kourtney says: “It’s October 31st.”

Away from the fitting, Kim rages. “I’ve been planning my Met look since last year, and she was so rude in front of the whole Mugler team…it’s all super-embarassing.”

The team manager of Mugler then confirmed to Kim that Kourtney’s stylist was attempting to get them to dress the Poosh entrepreneur too.

“For her to not only try to use the same designer but then to be so rude, it really hit me the wrong way,” Kim seethed.

The episode eventually saw Kourtney apologise to Kim.

The 40-year-old explained to her sister that she didn’t realise the Mugler team had been on the call, or that her dress was for the Met Gala, the theme of which was Camp for 2019.