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This is why Dolly Parton was ‘banned’ from TikTok – one day after joining

Fans were thrilled when they saw country music legend Dolly Parton show up on their TikTok FYP over the weekend.

The 75-year-old appeared to make her debut on the popular social media app on Sunday, sitting beside a keyboard.

The singer was heard saying: “Why hello, I guess I’m on TikTok! I just dropped in to say that it will be okay.”

Dolly then sang: “If I can do it, so can you… I believe in you.”

But on Monday her “account” suddenly disappeared, with TikTok explaining: “This account was banned due to multiple Community Guidelines violations.”

Reacting to Dolly’s “ban”, one fan tweeted: “WHO BANS DOLLY FUCKIN PARTON DOES BEING A NATIONAL TREASURE VIOLATE YOUR TOS @tiktok_us ???”

Another penned: “In case you had any doubt that TikTok is controlled by a bot that randomly hands out bans, TikTok banned Dolly Parton. How the f*** does that happen??”

However, her mysterious ban has since been explained, as it turns out it was actually a fake account.

The clip was a re-posted video Dolly had filmed for her charity Imagination Library in 2020.

Dolly already has a huge social media following, with over 4.4million Instagram followers and 5.2million Twitter followers.


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