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Taylor Swift’s CATS are in Deadpool 2

First they had their own Instagram accounts - and now a film cameo


Taylor Swift’s cats have made a cameo in Deadpool 2.

The 28 year old took to her Instagram to thank Ryan Reynolds for featuring her cats Olivia and Meredith in the new Marvel film.

On her story, Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool character can be seen wearing a t-shirt of the two cats with the caption, ‘Olivia and Meredith Best Friends Purrrrr- Ever’

Taylor put the photo on her Instagram story and wrote, “I’m so proud of my fuzzy daughters.”

Taylor recorded her cats reaction to the cameo.

Meredith’s purring was “next level”, while Olivia was less impressed by her appearance in the film because she is “very private”.

Taylor is close friends with Ryan and his wife Blake, and it seems cameos are a regular occurrence between the friends, with Ryan’s daughter James being featured on Taylor Swifts song ‘Gorgeous’

Ryan recently joked how his daughter has become “insufferable” and has a terrible “ego problem”, since featuring on Taylor Swift’s album, that has become triple platinum.

Taylor was recently at the ‘Billboard Music Awards’ , where she took home two awards, one for Best Female Artist and the other for Top Selling Artist.

She is currently on her Reputation Tour which comes to Ireland in June.