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Sneak Peek: Inside The Golden Globes Goodie Bags

Awards season is upon us kicking off with the 75th Golden Globes this weekend, and while we’ll all be glued to the red carpet – we want to know what’s in the goodie bags.

As if going to one of the most glamorous events in the world wasn’t enough, attendees will go home with luxury gifts worth hundreds of dollars. 

There are a separate set of gifts for male and female attendees. The list of women’s gifts comes to just under $600 and the men’s tots up to a slightly lower $582.

In previous years the goody bags have consisted of luxury items including high end bags, sunglasses and skincare. 

This year will be no different. People took a peek inside the luxe goody bags and they didn’t disappoint. 

The women’s bags include a $328 Kate Spade New York On Purpose leather studded tote and the men will get a $225 Away Carry On suitcase.

Some of the gifts included are surprisingly affordable with a $10 L’Oreal Paris Voluminous X Fiber Mascara making the cut.

The men’s isn’t unlike a deluxe stocking you might get your dad for Christmas with practical things like socks, a nose hair trimmer and an adapter plug included.

Other brands like the Passion Planner have shown that they are at the ceremony on their Insta stories and stated that their products will be in the goody bags.

However they do not appear in the official photos so the true value of the goody bags may be even higher than our estimates.

We’ll take one if there’s any spare!


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