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Shay Mitchell reveals she was in labour for 33 HOURS in video documenting her delivery

The actress welcomed her first child last week


Shay Mitchell have revealed that she was in labour for 33 hours, in a new YouTube video documenting her delivery.

The actress welcomed a baby girl with her partner Matte Babel last week, and now Shay has shared a video documenting her lengthy labour.

The videos description on YouTube reads: “The past nine months have been more than I ever imagined. Pregnancy has been one of the most exciting, challenging and physically demanding things I’ve ever done.”

“It’s brought a new meaning to family and my partnership with Matte — I’ve watched my daughter develop and grow and now I’m READY to meet her!”

At the start of the 11-minute long video, the 32-year-old shows the moment her water starts to break, but Shay doesn’t end up giving birth until 33 hours later.

Thankfully, the actress eventually delivered a healthy baby girl, and said, “This is definitely the most intense experience of my life.”

“Matte and I are parents and I can’t believe it. We thought getting pregnant was a journey? We’re realizing we have just begun.”

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