Serena Williams admits she ‘doesn’t read negative press’ about her pal Meghan Markle

The Duchess recently attended one of Serena's matches at Wimbledon

Serena Williams has revealed that she avoids negative press involving her friend Meghan Markle.

Last week, the Duchess of Sussex came under fire after protection officers allegedly told spectators not to take pictures of her while she was at Serena’s match against Kaja Juvan at Wimbledon.

When asked about the backlash Meghan has received, Serena said she “didn’t know there was negative media out there.”

She continued: “Any time I see her name attached to anything, I don’t read it.”


“She couldn’t be a better friend to me. Low moments, high moments—she’s always there. That’s all I want to be to her.”

Meghan and Serena first met at the Super Bowl in 2010, and four years later, they appeared at the Super Bowl to compete in DIRECTV’s Celebrity Beach Bowl.

The pair have been close friends ever since, and the tennis star even attended Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry last year.