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Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald reveals plans to freeze her eggs

Mary Fitzgerald has revealed she plans on freezing her eggs.

The reality star and her husband Romain Bonnet tied the knot privately in a civil ceremony in 2018, before getting married in front of friends, family and cameras during season 2 of Selling Sunset.

The 39-year-old has a son named Austin from a previous marriage, and revealed the upcoming season of the show will show her and Romain try to freeze their embryos.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine about the “drama” in the highly anticipated fourth season, the realtor said: “Heather [Young] is getting married, so there’s going to be ups and downs. Christine [Quinn]’s pregnant. Romain and I are trying to freeze our embryos…”

“We still haven’t been able to do it with COVID and our work schedules. When my results came back and I found out I was fertile, I just didn’t really prioritise it.”

“But it’s been about a year and a half since then and I know the quality and the number of eggs go down less and less every year when you’re 40, so I really need to make that a top priority.”

“We’ll probably do embryos because I don’t really care about having another child of my own. I’ve already done that, but I do want to make sure that Romain gets that experience, if we decide to move forward.”

“We don’t know when we’ll start filming yet. I would say within a couple of months probably, but they haven’t given us that information yet,” she added.

Gushing over her husband Romaine, Mary said: “I think you kind of just know, but we got along really, really well from the beginning.”

“He’s so incredible. I’m very, very lucky. He’s very mature and a very strong man. I don’t deserve it actually! He just understands me and if I’m stressed out, he’s always so calm and patient.”

“And for me, him being so loving and so giving of himself, I think that is the most romantic thing ever.”


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