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Priyanka Chopra reveals how many kids she wants to have with Nick Jonas

The actress is ready to start a family


Priyanka Chopra has revealed how many children she wants to have with Nick Jonas.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the actress divulged that she’s ready to start a family with her pop star husband, who she married back in December.

Discussing her to-do list that includes “homes and babies”, Priyanka revealed she wants, “Babies, as many as God would give us.”


In the same interview, the Bollywood star addressed her absence from the MTV Video Music Awards – where Nick’s band The Jonas Brothers won Best Pop Video for their hit single, Sucker.

The wives of his fellow bandmates, brothers Kevin and Joe, were in attendance – but Priyanka was noticeably absent.

Priyanka explained: “I was sick that day which is why I couldn’t go to the VMAs and just seeing his face [when they won] I was like ugh… I felt like I let him down.”


Priyanka was at the Toronto International Film Festival recently to promote her new film The Sky Is Pink.

The Hindi-language film marks Chopra’s return to Bollywood after a 3-year break.

It premieres at the festival on Friday, September 13th and it will be released worldwide on October 11th.