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Pop sensation Lizzo was once an extra on THIS hit reality TV show

Lizzo has had a very successful year in 2019, performing at Glastonbury and slaying the VMAs.

However, one of the first times many music fans saw the singer was in a rather unexpected place.

Lizzo performed on Made In Chelsea in 2014, on the spin-off series Made In Chelsea: NYC in 2014.

The musician performed during a cut-away scene, as the cast of the show danced to the music.

Jamie Laing, Lucy Watson and Binky Felstead can all be seen in the crowd, as Lizzo belts out a rendition of Blondie’s Rapture.

The singer is seen with a mane of blonde curls on the show.


Lizzo’s graft to the top of the charts has been recognized previously, when her old YouTube channel surfaced.

The singer can be seen on the channel singing Adele songs and playing the flute.


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