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Paris Jackson says she’s not a ‘meth alcoholic party raver’ as she SLAMS ‘tabloids’

The model is sick of the 'fake news'


Paris Jackson said that she is not a “junkie meth alcoholic party raver” after she was photographed allegedly “smoking weed” and “drinking.”

The model recently defended her father, Michael Jackson after he was accused of child sexual abuse in the shocking new documentary, Leaving Neverland.

The 20-year-old took to Twitter to shut down the false accusations about her “partying lifestyle” and wrote: “(D)amn i’m (sic) just now catching wind of these downward spiral articles.. this is like, what ? the 7th time y’all have accused me of this ?”

“(T)he 3rd in the past month? n yet not one OD from all the “drugs” y’all accuse me of doing or any hospitalizations… 7… but who’s counting right…”

The model went on a rant about tabloids and urged the media outlets to write about “more interesting things.”

“(I) smoke weed on my story ONE time and all of a sudden i’m a junkie meth alcoholic party raver that’s also secretly married and pregnant and may or may not have a penis.”

Paris acknowledged that she supports “freedom of speech” and respects people’s opinions but doesn’t agree with “lying ? especially on a mass scale.”